Saturday, March 26, 2016

God's Gladiators - Stuart Wilde - my revew
Gods Gladiators is truly an unusual book. One need to read it couple of times times before one come to grips with the contents. Written by great metaphysical teacher of our times.

Even Stuart Wilde give’s a warning - read a couple of chapters and you continue at your own risk.

After I read this book once I was wondering why Stuart Wilde has gone ahead and published this book, because to come out and write as he has in God's Gladiators is to make yourself a target. But Stuart has never stepped away from the difficult . And his legacy of books is testament to it.

In God’s Gladiators,Stuart Wilde talks from his personal experience in the heyday of the “New Age” and how it was doomed and executed from the start. Another of the tricks played on humanity.

 It would be easy to become depressed after reading God’s Gladiators, if it wasn't for Stuart irrepressible and irresistible humor and optimism. As he points out, humanity has fooled itself, and been fooled into believing it is in charge, as we relentlessly continue to pursue perfection.

This is just some of the Stuart’s words from this book-

“Free will is for amateurs. It got you the job you hate, the rotten relationship you endure/d; it got you to the stoplight just in time to hit the school bus, which you thought was an accident but was the mind driving you, in time for a disaster. It carried you lurching from one rotten choice to the next. Sometimes, rarely, it got it right, well almost right, but most of the time it brought you the pain of restriction and suffocation, confusion and boredom.
 You suffered the exhaustion of the slavery it imposed on you, then you got angry and protested, so it said, “Okay, move to California, try that.” Perhaps you did move. But within a few months, after the novelty had wore off, down came the asbestos fire blanket of your mind and its free will. You found yourself, yet again, in a sunny prison with other prisoners who are crawling along in traffic in the lane next to you.  

Let go of free will. It’s a con game, a very clever one. 

It’s the very best of reverse psychology. Tell people to fight for free will, tell them how important it is. In this way you glue the idea to their arrogance and their need for identity. Then once the idea hardens and is accepted, sit back and watch people give over to it. Watch the pitiful sight of 26 prisoners dying to defend the camp guards who stand over them in the watchtower. The subtlety of the manipulation is unbelievable. Almost no one has seen it. Some have intuited its existence, but they are ridiculed into silence. And very few know how to rotate out of the snare it uses to capture the mind, disallowing real information and personal truth. This reality is a zoo.”  

This no cosy read, but, ohh how needed right now. As world events take increasingly bizarre and strange turns, if you have the courage, and need to understand them - READ THE BOOK. 

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