Monday, June 20, 2016

D-Fuze EMF Filter
D-FUZE™ is the most effective filter on the market

The time is NOW to protect you and your family

EMFs that radiate from your cell phone…and the cells phones of your children and grandchildren - could potentially have serious, long-term effects on health and safety. Stemtech, the leader in wellness technology is now addressing another major health concern with a simple yet sophisticated filter that adheres to your cell phone to disperse EMFs from potentially doing harm. Exceptional results, technology, and much, much more.
 EMFs can potentially be absorbed by the human body – particularly the brain.It has been widely reported in the media that EMFs produced by wireless devices may have adverse effects on human health and safety. Scientists, doctors and public health officials are concerned and so are consumers. Everything in the scientific literature is pointing to erring on the side of safety by taking action NOW. D-FUZE protects your body from potential harm by dispersing EMFs to lower the specific absorption rate (SAR).

The public is awakening to the issue and they are looking for answers…from a company they can trust The average American spends about 1/3 of their waking hours on their smartphones. And many teens and young adults sleep with their smart phones under their pillows or next to them. In fact, worldwide, 45% of children, starting at age 10, carry their own phones. Put your mind to rest. Order D-FUZE for you and everyone you love.
 How to purchase D-FUZE.
Go to When page opens, choose Your Country, then click Shop - follow prompts.. Purchasing products require introduction  - use ID# 6947100